Expert and Knowledge Keepers Hearings

Upcoming Expert Hearings

Quebec City, QC
Expert Hearing on Human Rights Framework: May 14- 17, 2018

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Toronto, ON
Expert Hearing on Racism: June 11- 13, 2018

We are holding a series of Expert Hearings on key topics that will inform the work of the National Inquiry. These are also public education opportunities for all Canadians.

Instead of valuing only Western definitions of “experts,” we will bring together Elders and Knowledge Keepers alongside academics, legal experts, front-line workers, young people, specialists, and others.

The format of these hearings will be flexible. They will include circles, public panel presentations, and individual opinions and recommendations. National Inquiry lawyers and parties with standing will be able to ask questions of the experts (“cross-examine” them) to get their recommendations on how the Inquiry can best use the knowledge they’re sharing, and how it affects systemic causes and possible solutions to violence against Indigenous women and girls. There may also be workshops or circles to discuss key concepts with Grandmothers, Elders, Commissioners, and parties with standing in the presence of family members and survivors.

These Expert Hearings are meant to help the National Inquiry get specific information on complex issues that will help shape the National Inquiry’s research, findings, and recommendations. They are also an opportunity for survivors and family members to learn more about how their experiences and the experiences of their loved ones fit into the bigger picture of an abusive colonial relationship.

Expert Hearings on Indigenous laws, decolonizing perspectives, human rights, international law, and the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP) will provide the framework pieces that will help inform the National Inquiry’s analysis and reasoning. Indigenous laws and human rights are essential to our work. They help inform our decolonizing, gendered, culturally specific, and rights-based approach. Their expertise will add to the foundation created by previous inquiries and reports by providing more of the theory and principles that will guide the National Inquiry’s research, findings, and final recommendations. Expert hearings are underway and will continue into 2018.