Memorial for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls

Sculpture/Carving by Mary Ann Grainger

Artists Statement - I was outraged by the Governments’ treatment of Indigenous peoples as revealed by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission Report. But in it I found hope in the call to all Canadians to perform personal acts of reconciliation to help heal the wounds of hundreds of years of colonialism. This Memorial to Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women & Girls is one single act. The Names - It is acknowledged by the RCMP that 1,200 Indigenous women have been murdered or gone missing in the last 30 years. Though there is no definitive published list of names. I was able to confirm 783 - each placed in honour on a rock. The remaining 417 rocks are unnamed, but each represents a women. In Appreciation - The following companies and individuals have helped create this Memorial through their generous support of the idea of reconciliation and their desire to honour these women. Beaver Valley Stone, Lorne Winters at Winterstone Sculpting Materials, Sylvia Verkley and everyone at Matthew Plexman Photography, Melanie Chikofsky and everyone at the Al Green Sculpture Studio, John and Katya Sievert