Timeline of Key Milestones

December 2015 – May 2016
Government of Canada Pre-Inquiry Process
  • Government of Canada announces Terms of Reference and appoints Commissioners

  • National Inquiry officially commences

  • National Inquiry Head Office in Vancouver opens

  • Meetings with regional groups, national organizations and community visits

  • The official website mmiwg-ffada.ca is launched

  • National Family Advisory Circle is formed, including family members of missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls from different regions of Canada

  • Support Services Framework established to assist families and survivors through the Truth Gathering Process

  • Statement Gathering across Canada

  • Truth Gathering Process Part 1 Community Hearings in 15 locations across the country

  • Parties granted standing

  • Truth Gathering Process Part 3 Knowledge Keeper and Expert Hearing (Indigenous Law)

  • Our Women and Girls are Sacred Interim Report published

  • Truth Gathering Process Part 2 Knowledge Keeper and Expert Hearings (Human Rights; Racism)

  • Truth Gathering Process Part 3 Institutional Hearings (Government Services; Police Policies and Practices)

  • Government of Canada announces National Inquiry extended by six months

  • Truth Gathering Process Combined Part 2 and Part 3 Hearings (Colonial Violence; Criminal Justice System, Family and Child Welfare; Sexual Exploitation)

  • Guided Dialogues on 2SLGBTQQIA, Metis, Quebec Perspectives, Inuit and Recommendations

  • Final Submissions from Parties with Standing

  • Analysis and Validation Process

  • Their Voices Will Guide Us Education Guide released

  • Publication of Final Report

  • National Inquiry concludes