Members of the National Family Advisory Circle are volunteers who provide advice to the National Inquiry. The members are not involved in any operations. Members were invited by the Commissioners to participate based on three considerations:

  1. They are longtime leaders and advocates for their loved ones.
  2. They have indicated interest in providing their support to the National Inquiry.
  3. They are representative of a diversity of nations, geographical regions, urban and rural communities across the country.

The role of NFAC is to help guide the work of the National Inquiry and to serve as the voice of truth for the families and communities of murdered and missing Indigenous women and girls.  NFAC does this by providing advice during the planning and hearing processes to ensure that the lived experiences of families are heard by the Commissioners alongside the evidence that is presented by the expert witnesses, and to ensure that the concerns and experiences of families are taken into account by the Commissioners when they cross examine the witnesses bringing evidence before them.

Anne Maje Raider
Barbara Manitowabie
Barbara Sevigny
Ceejai Julian
Charlotte Wolfrey
Darlene Osborne
Fallon Farinacci
Gladys Radek
Gordon Schreyer
Jeremiah Bosse

Karen Kejick
Lesa Semmler
Lorraine Clements
Marlene Jack
Melanie Morrison
Melissa Victoria Mimigets Jadis
Micah Arreak
Michele Graveline
Myrna LaPlante
Nancy Jourdain

Norma Jacobs
Pamela Marie Fillier
Pauline Muskego
Priscilla Simard
Rebecca Moore
Reta Gordon
Sarah Nowrakudluk
Sylvia Murphy
Toni Blanchard
Velma Orvis

The National Inquiry is grateful to the families, and to those who support them, who have and continue to provide advice and guidance.