Gallery of Artistic Expressions

Art is a powerful tool for commemoration. Public commemorations, through art, can help bring forward personal stories of colonial violence. Art as commemoration bears witness to injustice, recognizes human dignity of victims and survivors, and calls institutions, systems and structures to account. The National Inquiry is honoured to share some of the hundreds of artistic expressions gifted throughout the Truth Gathering Process. All artists retain copyright.

Memorial for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls

Sculpture/Carving by Mary Ann Grainger

Beaded Booties

Decorative/Traditional arts by Lorraine Richard


Other by Susan Weber


Drawing/Painting by Erika Richard

Red River Drift Wood

Other by Mylinda Gislason

A Rose for my Sister

Sculpture/Carving by Brandon Poitras


Poetry/Spoken Word by Ben Richard

Motherly Love

Drawing/Painting by Dee-Jay Monika Rumbolt


Other by Jeannette Vollant

Inuit Mural

Decorative/Traditional arts by unknown

Sisters in Strength

Installation by Women participating in the 1st Annual Sister in Strength Wellness Retreat

Women Giver of Life

Poetry/Spoken Word by Toni Lemaigre

Brown Baby Moccasins

Decorative/Traditional arts by unknown

Nous serons toujours près de vous

Poetry/Spoken Word by Melissa Picard

Sacred Antler

Decorative/Traditional arts by Jean St. Onge

Fanshawe College Collection

Installation by Students at Fanshawe College

Bear Clan Wall Mural

Decorative/Traditional arts by Brigitte André

Talking Stick

Decorative/Traditional arts by Darlene Clarke

"Stolen Sisters" Book

Novel translated by Susan Ouriou and Christelle Morelli

Baby Socks

Decorative/Traditional arts by Marie-Louise Mark

In My Heart

Decorative/Traditional arts by Hermina Joldersma

Red Dress Diaries

Novel by Beverly Beckly

Unspoken Words

Decorative/Traditional arts by Mikhayla Patterson – in collaboration with the second year students of the Social Work Program at MacEwan University

The Lost Children: A Nation's Shame

Novel by Dr. Jacqueline Marie Maurice

Star Blanket “Symbol of Change”

Decorative/Traditional arts by Darlene Clarke

Children's Books

Novel by Bouton d’or Acadie

Sister Drummer in Faded Red

Drawing/Painting by Jason Sikoak

Poems by Aileen Norton Swift

Poetry/Spoken Word by Aileen Norton Swift

Button Blanket

Decorative/Traditional arts by Samantha Pelkey

Highway of Tears

Music by Chris Scott

Community Art Piece

Installation by Jessica Slater and survivors and families of MMIWG during the Vancouver Community Hearing

til victory (Winged Victory Invincible woman)

Drawing/Painting by Annie Ross

Walk With Us & Bella Spirit

Drawing/Painting by Nicole Carpenter


Poetry/Spoken Word by Adele Keyes

Broken Woman

Drawing/Painting by Jessica Przeszlo

Heart-Shaped Baby Swaddle

Decorative/Traditional arts by Agnes Poker

Canvas Pouch & Small Bark Container

Decorative/Traditional arts by donated by Jeannette Vollant

Walking a path; never alone

Drawing/Painting by Nadzin Degagné

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