Their Voices Will Guide Us

Their Voices Will Guide Us is an educational and outreach initiative of the National Inquiry intended to facilitate critical thinking, purposeful reflection, and dialogue around the perceptions and lived realities of Indigenous women and girls, including members of 2SLGBTQQIA communities. The initiative is designed to engage students and teachers in meaningful learning about the important roles of Indigenous women, girls, and Two-Spirit people in their families, communities, and nationals, highlighting their strength, agency and resilience. Many students, teachers, youth and other contributors have participated in its development. The goal of the guide is to help shine a light into the dark corners of our collective history, the impacts of colonialism and racism on the lives of Indigenous women, girls and 2SLGBTQQIA people as well as on their families, communities, and Nations.

Members of the National Inquiry team are in the process of soliciting and incorporating feedback from educators and from youth as a result of pilot projects facilitated by the initiative. We believe we have the power to change society and outcomes by educating ourselves, our children, community members, and all Canadians. One way of doing this is by sharing the messages of remembering, honouring, resiliency and hope created by children and youth who engage in activities outlined in the guide. Submissions made by schools and classrooms have been added to the Legacy Archive as they are submitted, with ongoing conversations with organizations, families, and groups of educators on its content.