Ladies Weekend MMIWG Gathering

About thirty women and girls from Nitinaht settled into the Kissinger campground Friday afternoon, June 7th, for a wonderful weekend together. The weather co-operated with only one sprinkling of rain.

We were able to leave our worries behind around the campfire. Cedar wood was brought to us by Rod and Russell, and as we used so much if it, Cyril brought another load. Martina proved to be our star fire stoker!

Girls and women of all ages attended; three-year-old Kyra was the youngest camper. It was so good to see the teenage girls helping the little ones. Activities included cedar harvesting with Julie and Kelita. Later we were shown how to weave bracelets. Another group had a fascinating experience at a shale area where they found fossils in the rocks, some rocks had imprints of shells and insects, formed long ago.

The gathering was in part to honor the MMIW, and to discuss how we as women can be empowered, using our voice to make our community a safe and healthy place. Donna Brown facilitated a Circle for input and sharing which was, for some, the highlight of our time together. The outcome is a strong determination to launch a women’s endeavour that will strengthen friendships, and bonding together. The goal is for reduction of harm, and safety for all, including our kids. We are stronger together!

This memorable weekend will have a positive influence in the weeks and months to come. Thanks to the participants who all pitched in to make our campout a such a roaring success.