The National Inquiry held a Regional Advisory Meeting in Ottawa, Ontario



OTTAWA (26/01/17) – The National Inquiry held a regional advisory meeting in Ottawa, Ontario, on January 26th, 2017. The Commissioners met with Ottawa-based Indigenous frontline groups. A key purpose of this meeting was to learn about protocols, the Indigenous languages that may be appropriate, and their views on what a trauma-informed process would look like. Similar meetings are being held in other locations across Canada.

The meeting in Ottawa was not a testimony-gathering event. Rather, it was a consultation event that will assist the National Inquiry in creating a trauma-informed process that includes Indigenous languages and protocols in its work and testimony gathering. It will take discussions with many Elders, families, those who have experienced violence, organizations and experts across the country to make this goal a reality. The National Inquiry is holding several similar meetings across Turtle Island.

Chief Commissioner Buller said, “The Regional Advisory Meetings are important for planning the National Inquiry’s process. We met with people who understand the concerns and challenges faced by the Indigenous communities within the National Capital Region and the North. We will continue to gather advice about our process from groups across Canada and expect to return to Ottawa for further consultation with other groups.”

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