Part I: Community Hearings and Visits

In keeping with our families-first approach, Part I of the Truth Gathering Process focussed on gathering stories from families and survivors through community hearings and statement gathering events. While registration for the Part I events closed on April 20, 2018, through this process the National Inquiry has heard 1273 testimonies from families and survivors and another 500 families and survivors have registered to share their testimonies with the National Inquiry over the coming months.

To date, through 15 public community hearings, the National Inquiry has heard from many people who have experienced violence firsthand. They have shared their stories and told us what they believe needs to be done to increase safety of Indigenous women, girls and 2SLGBTQ peoples.

These families and survivors chose to share their stories either publicly or privately in front of one or more of the Commissioners at a Community Hearing, or with a statement gatherer.

In addition, survivors, families and members of the public were and are encouraged to share their stories artistically through different mediums such as visual art, music, song, poetry, or film. All artistic expressions gathered through this process will be documented according to the donor’s wishes and will become part of the National Inquiry’s Legacy Archive. All of these forms of truth-sharing are considered “evidence” and will inform the Commissioners’ final recommendations and findings of fact.